The proof of concept images for the vending machine hack were lost. How did I get them back?

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August 9, 2020: I was starting to piece together my last week’s post, when I opened Google Photos for the images to be included as proof-of-concept. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find them anymore. Then I remembered factory resetting my phone two weeks after, so they must have been wiped since I…

A somewhat detailed write-up of a thing I did 4000 YEARS AGO

the app showing a discounted Amla Candy priced at ₹1
to know how I got the price down from ₹80 to ₹1, we need to go back a few months

The 3rd of May 2020 “Lockdown Day 40”, inside the campus where I stayed at the time, in Gachibowli, Hyderabad. That night, after the meal, while walking around the campus I saw a smart vending machine on a wireless hotspot and that’s where this story begins.

Where’s the Wi-Fi?!

and how you are unconsciously a part of it

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there is an enormous amounts of information in your hands, vying for your attention. And yet you chose to come here and read this… or did you?

this is a curated list of resources about a term I have to come to know as the attention economy, how is it…

Nilesh Kumar

I hack things and tell everyone how I did it.

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